Our hotel strives to create a work environment which promotes employees’ physical and mental health, as well as their safety, and the establishment of great relationships with our guests.

The definition of customer harassment

Our policy aims to cover customer behaviors such as complaints, verbal or physical action emphasizing on the appropriateness of the details of the complaint, verbal or physical requests emphasizing socially inapproproate behaviors as stated in the "Workplace Guidance to Prevent Customer Harassment" published by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

Examples of What Constitutes as Harassment

Our policy covers but is not limited to the harassing behaviors clearly defined in “Workplace Guidance to Prevent Customer Harassment” released by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

  • Physical attacks (assaults, injuries)
  • Mental attacks (threats, slander, libel, insults, verbal abuse)
  • Intimidating behavior
  • Demands for “dogeza” (kneeling and bowing as an apology)
  • Continued (repeated), persistent annoying behaviors
  • Restrictive behavior (refusal to leave, staying put, confinement) *including long phone calls
  • Discriminatory behavior
  • Sexual behavior
  • Attacks and demands on individual employees

Our policy also covers the following actions if deemed inappropriate

  • Requests for product exchanges
  • Requests for monetary compensation
  • Requests for an apology (excluding “dogeza”)

Our Protective Measures

We endeavor to resolve customer harassment issues through further good-faith discussions. In case of malicious grievances, false accusations, or ineffective resolutions, we reserve the right to bar individuals from our hotel. We might also take steps to report the matter to the police and our legal consultants.

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This English translation is solely for the convenience of those who need it. All questions that may arise with regard to the definitions or expressions herein shall be dealt with in accordance with the original Japanese text.