Japan's First Personalized Boutique Hotel


Feel our hospitality through our outstanding 'design' options

THE SCREEN opened in Kyoto because Kyoto is the heartland of Japanese hospitality, the most important element for welcoming hotel guests.

At the same time Kyoto is the center for all kinds of Japanese culture. Located near the Kyoto Imperial Palace, and downtown Kyoto, THE SCREEN offers superb access to culture. Kyoto is a city that prides itself on preserving tradition and inventing new forms of innovation and creation.

We would offer our clients creative comfort and a unique chance to experience a world of room designs and an overall feeling of intellectual-stimulation through our emotional and exciting accommodation concepts.

After a complete renovation, we offer our guests 13 different guest rooms designed by 13 different domestic and international creators. No two rooms are the same. Take your time and choose exactly what you need every time you stay at THE SCREEN.

We call ourselves a Personalized Boutique Hotel because we offer our guests the luxury of 'choosing' their own sense of style.

No other hotel in Japan offers this level of choice and creativity. THE SCREEN is unique and beautiful in so many ways. Come and experience our wide range of services and designs.


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    No two rooms are the same. In all, we offer 13 different room types. Each room is original in feeling, design and layout.


    BRON RONNERY offers a new style of cuisine that blends French cuisine ideas with the finest Kyoto vegetables. A stylish bar offers serenity and urban comfort based on a fine blend of history, tradition and modern art. Spend an enjoyable evening in the extraordinary atmosphere of this restaurant or bar.

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    THE SCREEN’s chapel is located on the top floor, where you can view the greenery of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. It provides an open atmosphere with natural sun rays. This bright and clean atmosphere will make the bride look stunning and impressive.


    This sumptuous Banquets room features large lampshades incorporating Nishijin textiles, simple, stylish monotone carpets, large windows and black wall mirrors. This unique, stylish Banquets room is perfect for special occasions: weddings, exhibitions, conferences, etc.


    The wonderful views of Kyoto from this private lounge will surely make your Kyoto nights more memorable. In the daytime, this is the perfect place to relax and/or sunbathe in privacy. At night, the scene is romantically lit with candles.

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